Kilifi Konnection has been in property management for over 18 years, covering most of the coast from Malindi to Diani, dealing with day to day management, rentals and sales.

If you would like us to advertise your house for sale on this site we charge a 2% finders fee after the sale is concluded, contact us for further details

Management services include :

  • Regular site visits (minimum two per month)
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Staff recruitment
  • Monitoring staff duties
  • Payment of staff wages
  • Arrange staff medical assistance
  • Pet care 
  • Purchase of pool chemicals, housecleaning items, tools or equipment
  • Monitoring the general upkeep of the property and arranging for maintenance or repairs, using our own team of experienced artisans or specialists if necessary

The monthly management fee is negotiated depending on mileage, time and supervision required.

Kilifi Konnection is advertised internationally as: